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Leighton Hewitt


Hi there I'm Leighton Hewitt A 3d environment/model designer and aspiring animator who creates unique assets and environments that can transform your creative experiences. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Design at RMIT. I am based in Carlton where I work remotely from my home pc to create my digital media designs. 

With my 4 years of design experience I can craft digital environments and assets that fit a large range of projects and can tailor that to the feeling that projects try to convey. I  have worked on a number of personal and studio projects that expand my 3d abilities ranging from spaceships to sci fi pyramids. My specialization is towards hard textured industrial design assets and stylized environments. I have an ever increasing desire to create more and do more projects that really give me a challenge. I enjoy working in small teams and like to be adaptive in my designs. My Bachelor of design (Digital media) has taught me proficiency in Autodesk Maya, adobe photoshop and other more design software which has garnered me towards the designer that I am today.  I’m eager to apply the experience and skills I’ve obtained in my studies to manage projects through creative problem solving and innovative thinking.


Academic Experience

My Studies

Bachelor of Design , RMIT

2021 - 2022 (June expected completion)

In my Bachelor I have begun specialising in my chosen design field.  I have specialised in 3D-modeling and virtual environments, with a sub interest in graphic design and video game design.

Advanced Diploma of Interactive Screen and Media , RMIT

2020 - 2020

In the Advanced Diploma I focused more on honing and enhancing previous skills obtained in my previous year of study. I found this insightful as it provided me with the tools and further experience. I also found it gave me the confidence to create better work.

Diploma of Digital Interactive Screen and Media, RMIT

2019 - 2019

During my Diploma I learned the fundamentals of graphic design, working with Photoshop and InDesign, 3D-modeling, C# coding, video and audio design using Audacity and premier Pro. I found this year helpful as it gave me the opportunity to explore a wide range of design files and accumulate a more diverse skillset.

Unity Environment

download and pick new unity project(1).exe



LinkedIn : Leighton Hewitt

twitter: @HewittLeighton

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